Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies

Celebrating the change of season and the importance of these special days, days that offer us teachings and lessons, and carry meaning as pivotal point in our yearly cycles, The land is our first teacher and we have somehow forgotten that. These days are times of gathering, feasting, sharing, reflecting, learning, drumming, singing and healing. These Ceremonies will be held one day four times a year to give thanks for the life we have, slow down, where all that are in attendance will practice the old way of giving, for one your time, being the most sacred of gift you can ever give, and two of physical gifts. ** The practice of giveaways, which is how our people showed appreciation to one another, when attending anytime of gathering or ceremony one would bring whatever it was that they could give, if one had an abundance of maple syrup, they would bring some to share, if one was gifted in making art, they would bring art pieces to share, and if one had carrots from their garden, maybe they would bring that, Everyone would come bearing gifts, gifts they had to offer others along their path, and indirectly would also receive gifts that others would bring. Maybe that would be bear grease, medicines, cups, tools… and the giveaway ceremony would happen in exchange with others, thanking everyone for their time and gifts they carried and offered to one another.

Age group:
All ages
Time frame:
2-3 hours
Route length:
4 km