Lynne Cormier

Chi-wawasum-kew means Bright lighting Woman in Ojibway

Lynne Cormier is a proud Two Spirited Anishnawbe Kwe from Matachewan First Nation. Growing up with a passion to understand people and herself Lynne pursued her education graduating with a Social Work Diploma from Cambrian College pursuing her education at Nipissing University graduating with a BA with a specialization in sociology.
Lynne is a proud Anishnawbe Kwe that is on a life long learning journey through practicing and re-learning Indigenous Culture and the history. Lynne has learned and values that we all have something to offer one another, a gift, and that essentially becomes our responsibility here on ShkagamikKwe (Mother Earth). As a person who is constantly striving to be healthy and balanced in all four aspects(spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally). Lynne attempts to walk life in the best way that she can while helping others along the way, being that role model or support for others who need it. Support is essential and coming together will create the strength we need to move forward as a peoples. Lynne is passionate for change within communities, starting from the individual, into families and affecting communities as a whole. With a strong shift in the world, Lynne hopes for a better future for the next seven generations and on, healing, learning, and being the strong leader many of us can benefit from.