Culturel Workshops

There is so much to learn, and I consider myself a forever learner. Culture and tradition have become more than just teachings, but the teaching became my foundation from which I can now call my lifestyle and way of living. With all that I have learned, they have become more than just chunks of knowledge I carry but more as responsibilities I shall now practice and share with those around me.

Each teaching time-frame varies depending on the teaching/experience, the number of participants and age groups. A variety of teachings can be experiences, from basic foundation teachings, which I have built off of, to more in-depth and intricate concepts and life experiences that I carry in my metaphysical bundle.


Land-based Experiences

Explore the rugged wilderness and Indigenous life of Temiskaming Shores, Elk Lake, Matachewan, and Gowganda regions. The land is our greatest teacher and healer. We often hear of people feeling disconnected, alone, depressed and anxious, and it has been a direct result of how we have not been connecting with the land around us.

Land-based experiences will consist of time with Mother Earth (Skagamikwe), slowing down, paying attention to our surroundings and inner selves. Being outdoors provides us with the opportunity to reconnect, re-balance, practice the Grandfather’s teachings while maintaining gratitude for all that life has offered us. Land-based teachings and experiences revolve around the seasons and are continuous year-round.

Experiences are welcomed to all age groups. Always keeping an eye out for animal spirits, learning and harvesting surrounding medicinal and edible plants, as well as, sharing stories from land experiences.

Speaking Engagements

I’ve had the honour of speaking to national audiences over the last 4 years. I truly love being able to connect with people all over the world and it gives me immeasurable joy to pass along any knowledge I have to others. If you are interested in having me speak at an event, email me. For up-to-date information about upcoming speaking events, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Rates & Availability

Speaking rates vary depending on the type of event and the amount of travel and preparation required. It is assumed that all air travel/hotel/car travel will be paid for by the event organizers. On top of these basic accommodations, a speaking fee will be agreed upon.
When it comes to availability, this can vary depending on what projects I have on my plate. I prioritize events that allow me to have the maximum impact with minimum time away from my family.

School Visits

I love visiting schools and speaking with students about my life and journey of relearning my culture and who I am today. I like to start everything I do with a smudge, ridding negative energy and setting intentions for the purpose I am meant to follow. A smudge teaching is offered and I follow with what I was called to do, presenting for various lengths of time depending on the subject, I like to engage everyone in the work that I do and encouraging questions and learning opportunities for those in attendance. If you’re interested in having me come to your school, please email me.

Traditional Counseling

1 on 1 Counselling

Traditional counselling is where western concepts are utilized through a traditional/cultural lense. One on one traditional counselling allows individuals to share whatever they may be going through or experiencing in a confidential, cultural, safe place. Individuals feeling off-balanced, depressed, anxious, that may be feeling lonely, purposeless, angry and or resentful. You may be struggling with an eating disorder or addiction. We have all experienced trauma in one way or another and these undulate with experiences present themselves in various ways. This is an opportunity for one to open up unhealed wounds, share the hurt and heal themselves with the support of an experienced counselor, while using sacred medicines and ceremony to assist.

Sharing Circle / Group Therapy

Traditional resolution/therapy can be done in form of  a sharing circle/healing circle. Traditional ways allow multiple people to connect and share in respect of one another. Tikanagan teachings are practices and the 7 grandfathers are encouraged and implemented. Healing circles can be done for a large variety of reasons, and one of them being having no reason at all. Listening, sharing and respecting one another is a way of healing. Sharing circles can be used for conflict resolution, relationship strengthening or for individuals who have experiences trauma, that would like to heal in a supportive group setting. Trauma based concepts are utilized in an unstructured way allowing one to open up, look back and heal in the ways that are needed for themselves. Emotions of grief, anger, resentment, hurt and pain can be shared in a safe place, looking to address the root causes. A multitude of concepts are utilized along with different traditional medicines to address individual struggles, ranging from, depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorder, addiction and trauma.